'MUSLIM IDOL': Malaysian Reality Show Seeks Best Female Preacher


Start with “American Idol.” Now, move it to Malaysia and instead of a singer, try to find the best female Muslim preacher. What do you get?

“Solehah,” a new Islamic reality show that wants to change the “conservative mindset on the role of women in Muslim societies.

“If ‘American Idol’ can help their contestants develop as singers, our show aims to help Muslim women develop as Islamic preachers,” said Zulkarnaen Mokhtar, brand manager at the private television station which produces the show, told Ynetnews. (Whether Ryan Seacrest and the gang actually help contestants develop as singers is another matter entirely.)

“Solehah,” which means “pious female,” is a spinoff of “Imam Muda” (“Young Imam”), a show that seeks the best male preacher.

Video of the “Imam Muda” finale below. You know, because the internet is amazing and you can find anything.

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