ELON MUSK: 'I'm Too Strung Out' To Build The Hyperloop Myself

Elon musk with bob lutz at North American International Auto Show January 12, 2010REUTERS/Mark BlinchElon Musk says he’s too busy to start building the ‘Hyperloop’ himself.

Asked about his plans for the Hyperloop, a transportation system that could take people from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 minutes, Elon Musk said it’s far from a priority for him.

“I think I shot myself in the foot by ever mentioning the Hyperloop. I’m too strung out,” he said on a Tesla Motors investor call this afternoon. Musk is already CEO of two young companies, Tesla and SpaceX.

In July, Musk promised to reveal his design for the mysterious technology on August 12. Then, he said, his idea will be public, and others can improve or act on it.

But if no progress has been made in a few years time, he added, then it could make sense for him to “make it happen.” But “it’s extremely speculative.”

Tesla shocked investors today by announcing a Q2 profit of $US0.20 per share, beating expectations for a loss of $US0.19 per share.

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