Music Subscriptions Coming To iTunes (AAPL) Next Month? Nope

It’s late August, which means that it’s time for a new round of “What Will Apple Do Next?” rumours, pegged to the new product presentation Steve Jobs usually gives in September. Last year, certain members of the commentariat convinced themselves that Steve would announce that the Beatles were coming to iTunes. And they probably will, one day.

Now several bloggers believe that Steve’s going to introduce a music subscription service — a reheat of a story that surfaced earlier this year. The Industry Standard summarizes the tales here, but we can save you some time: We’ve checked with a variety of music executives at major labels, and none of them have heard about it. Not happening.

But don’t get too glum: Last year, instead of adding “Let It Be” to the iTunes catalogue, Steve unveiled the iPod touch and a new iPod nano. And while we have yet to play with the touch, we can testify that the nano is awesome.

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Source: No Beatles On iTunes Next Week
Are The Beatles Finally Coming To iTunes? Nope

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