Music streaming has generated an incredible 1 trillion plays so far this year

Earlier this year, when Apple Music joined an already crowded music streaming field, many people wondered if all the services could co-exist.

But music streaming is taking over the world, and if you still don’t believe that to be true — you will, now.

According to Next Big Sound‘s annual industry report, more than 1 trillion songs have streamed between all services in the first six months of 2015 alone.

YouTube and Vevo are also included in the calculations, but the number is still impressive.

Music is moving to streaming and no one can stop it. Consumers can’t help themselves — they want 30 million songs at their fingertips, at all times and they want a low buy-in price. Album sales in the US and worldwide have been hit especially hard by the success of music streaming.

That being said, it’s only going to get bigger. As Apple Music settles in, and more artists move toward exclusive streaming partnerships, the subscriber base could only grow larger.

People love music, and always will — they just want to get it as fast and as easily as possible.

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