Music Locker Inventor Michael Robertson To Google: “Don’t Be Wimps”

Michael Robertson

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Michael Robertson cofounded the first music locker service,, back in 1997. When that company was purchased and the service shut down, he did it again with, which is now facing a lawsuit from major label EMI.Earlier today, Google explained why it thinks its music service is not going to face the same legal problems as Here’s what Robertson says in response:

Hey Google – don’t be wimps. Support other innovative services, especially those who have blazed a trail that you’re now following! Your attorneys have more courage than your product folks which I’m not sure I’ve seen before. Your attorneys put in a brief of SUPPORT for MP3tunes saying why we’re legal.

Your new music service is fundamentally NO different than MP3tunes. If it’s illegal to store files online from other sources then Google Docs and yes, Google Music are both illegal as well cause both will have files from all kinds of sources.

Of course they’re not because online storage is legal. It’s true that MP3tunes also operates a search engine called, but you’re probably aware that Google also operates a search engine! Take a look at this video: which shows that the music files in are also in Google’s search engine. Google has the biggest music search engine.

Be courageous Google. Search engines are legal. Online storage is legal too, yes, even for music files. Even for a competitor!

Now I’m not saying there aren’t differences between Google Beta Music and MP3tunes. MP3tunes has many additional features (none of which are the focus of legal scrutiny) not found in Google Beta Music like:

– iOS support
– Support for direct playback on net radios like Logitech Squeezebox and Grace Digital
– Downloading
– Syncing
– Transcoding
– Bit rate
– open API so anyone can write an interface
– Allows recording of radio shows and stations (via partnership with

— Michael Robertson, CEO,