German Police Want To Test A Music App That Can Search For Neo-Nazis

It turns out there is an app for everything.

Der Spiegel reports that German authorities have created a new app that will help them crack down on Nazism within the country.

Gizmodo calls it the “Nazi Shazam.” Essentially, the app would recognise extremist music from a brief clip and is capable of tracking the music over online sources or blaring from loud speakers at a rally.

70-nine songs are banned in Germany for touting Neo-Nazi views, which means the app would have very precise targets, according to the Der Spiegel article.

This is how Shazam works. It recognises music that is playing around you. Once it identifies the song, the name of the song you may be hearing it lets you share with your friends, buy from iTunes and other tasks.

The role of this unknown program is similar, but the developers have tweaked it slightly. The ultimate goal would be to deter propoganda from spreading across the country and prevent new members from joining these groups.

Of course, there are some legal concerns related to acoustic surveillance issues since the app can access online activity.

Currently, politicians are meeting to discuss how to implement this appropriately. The program is not live for police yet but no launch date has been revealed.

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