A Photo Recap Of Muse's Madison Square Garden Concert

Muse played at Madison Square Garden Monday night to a relatively packed house. The Boston Marathon Bombings might have had something to do with a little bit lower attendance than would be expected, but it was still a great crowd and a thoroughly amazing performance.

At one point lead singer Matthew Bellamy called out “This is for Boston!” and played the  National Anthem. 

We took in the show from the East Floor level and thoroughly enjoyed the impressive stage display and effects. The giant inverted and mechanised moving pyramid TV was especially impressive. 

The band was tight and in good form, riffing between new songs like “Madness” and old favourites like “Knights of Cydonia” with ease. Fans of both old and new albums should enjoy the mix played. They stayed true to their classics while calling out some of the better tracks from their new album. 

So without further delay, here’s our trip to the show.

Chris C. AndersonThis was this particular editor’s first concert at MSG.

Chris C. AndersonWe’ll skip the opening act, and build a little bit of anticipation with the roadies setting up for Muse.

Chris C. AndersonThen BAM! Muse is on. Here we go…

Chris C. AndersonGiant pyramid TVs!

Chris C. AndersonDrums!

Chris C. AndersonBass!

Chris C. AndersonHere we go!

Chris C. AndersonSing for Absolution.

Chris C. AndersonLet’s take a step back now and check out this pyramid stage set up. Nice.

Chris C. AndersonBack in, lights come on.

Chris C. AndersonTime for the lasers.

Chris C. Anderson Inverted TV stack.

Chris C. AndersonSmoke and fire!

Chris C. Anderson Lights off, pyramid down. Mellow it out.

Chris C. AndersonGoodnight.

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