The Fate Of Sarah Palin's Protege Comes Down To A Few Spelling Mistakes

joe miller

The unfinished vote count in Alaska will probably go to write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski, unless the Tea Party is able to throw out all votes that misspellled Murkowski (via FDL).

Palin protege Joe Miller filed a lawsuit yesterday claiming state law allows no leeway for spelling errors, according to Anchorage Daily News.

Presumably there are a few thousand votes for “Murkowzki,” “Murkowskie,” and maybe even a “Murkowsi.” And Miller is trailling by only 13,000 votes.

But the Lieutenant Governor clearly intends to count the vote: “The courts have been very clear for the last 25 years that voter intent is important. You do not want to disenfranchise voters over a technicality.”

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