Murdoch Calls Twitter Worthless, Says CNBC Talent Not That Good

rupert murdoch thinking

News Corp (NWS) chairman Rupert Murdoch’s media tour continues, and he gives Dan Freed at some typical juicy morsels to gnaw on in a Q&A.

On buying the New York Times: “Nonsense. . . I haven’t even thought about it. I would imagine that it would be legally and politically almost impossible, so I’m not thinking about it.”

On the recent MySpace shakups, he says the division “sort of grew out of control and really out of size. I blame myself and it had to be brought back in size.”

On Twitter:  “I have no idea how they can monetise it. No one monetizes the Web today to any extent other than search.”

On CNBC’s talent, which he hasn’t hired away for his fledgling FOX Business Network, Murdoch pulls no punches, saying, “We don’t think they’re all that good.”

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