Murdoch Wire Taps Give New Meaning to Phrase "If It's In The News It's In The Price"

 Rupert Murdoch’s “News” Corp shows that financial media is totally fixed, rigged, a scam, tilted against you, and a ponzi scam in which you (the trader without the inside information) are the patsy!

Think about it like this, when there is one cockroach, there are thousands. While the major news services are stating that the Whistleblower death was perfectly normal and not foul play.

Now whenever you read the WSJ you will think about the “news” about stock that you read with a totally different eye, and that’s why they had to kill the witness and whistleblower who had the goods on News Corp.

Anyways, it’s not like anyone actually thinks the SEC is doing anything besides harassing investors, hedge fund traders, and helping people like Bernie Madoff commit fraud. It’s a good thing we can’t have gardens in our front yard, the TSA sticks their hands down your pants, and that Rupert Murdoch has all of the phones tapped at major corporations around the world and frontruns trading information to his buddy on Wall Street.

It’s not like a guy who taps phones and is down with David Cameron would dig up insider information and trade on it before releasing an article to millions of people without disclosing their positions in the stock!

It’s like Alex Jones says on his show, the Easter Bunny is real, the SEC  is digging through those financial statements, and the auditors are doing a great job of digging up fraud at Chinese Reverse Merger stocks… Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal never tainted their objectivity, and the financial news media never engaged in any tactics to manipulate stock prices….

Anyways, the “debt deal” is in the news, so now we know why it’s in the price… One of the slimey politicians told his friends to buy futures contracts last night and BAM — we get a rally. It’s really quite simple… Logical Watson, Logical my dear boy.

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