WSJ's 'Greater New York' Section A Hit With Advertisers...But Not Readers

WSJ Greater New York

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images/

It’s been over a year since Wall Street Journal debuted its regional “Greater New York” section to great fanfare and thus far the reviews are mixed.”Greater New York” is gaining advertisers, while readers have yet to be won over, reports AdAge.

Since the section’s launch, WSJ‘s Chief Revenue Officer Michael Rooney says, “revenue for the region is up 100%.”

The paper has added a number of local advertisers to its pages, including FreshDirect, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer centre, and Gagosian Gallery.

Sounds great…almost.

Print circulation has fallen.

AdAge calculated a 3.5% decline, comparing paid print circulation numbers in the New York area on March 17, 2010 (224,165) before the section was added, to March 23, 2011 (216,421) almost a year after “Greater New York” became part of the paper.

In any case, the team behind WSJ remains optimistic. Rooney tells AdAge:

“We’re pleased with the response we’ve been getting from readers…80-two per cent say Greater New York makes the Journal more valuable. 70-one per cent say Greater New York makes the Journal more relevant.”

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