Murdoch: No Microsoft-Yahoo Deal...Because They Hate Each Other

Rupert Murdoch electrified the press corps in Sun Valley yesterday by sharing his thoughts on a future Microsoft-Yahoo deal and a conversation he just had with huge Yahoo shareholder Gordy Crawford in the lobby of the Sun Valley Lodge.

The bottom line (from AP):

  • News Corp is “very unlikely” to do anything with Yahoo or Microsoft…so scratch the MySpace-Yahoo merger option. Assuming this is true, we’re thrilled. We’ve always hated that plan. (Murdoch expert Peter Kafka cautions that Murdoch loves to say one thing and do another, so take this with a grain of salt.)
  • A “very upset” Yahoo shareholder Gordy Crawford wants $33 for his stock and would take it “in a flash.” Gordy and everyone else. But we won’t get it.
  • There won’t be a Microsoft-Yahoo deal because the two companies hate each other. “There won’t be a deal. There are bad personal feelings. In six months, Microsoft will walk away.”

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