“Murdoch Doesn’t Use A Computer, Doesn’t Get Email, Can’t Get His mobile phone To Work.”


Vanity Fair columnist Michael Wolff’s been saying inflamatory things about Rupert Murdoch, the subject of his biography “The Man Who Owns the News,” for months now. We can’t get enough.

The latest tidbits — about Rupe’s personal tech habits and ignorance of Web media — come from I Want Media, where Wolff answered reader questions about the News Corp. chairman.

Q. Why is Murdoch almost unique in his embrace of technology when nearly all of his peers in the news industry seem to resist it? Nigel Enclose, Edinburgh, Scotland

Wolff: He has an unfailing competitive instinct, causing him to grab anything he thinks one of his competitors might grab. But beyond that, Murdoch doesn’t use a computer, doesn’t get email, can’t get his mobile phone to work.

Q. With the rise of the Huffington Post and the 24/7 blog news cycle, does Murdoch really believe that his New York Post can compete with, say, Drudge Report? Drew Grant, New York, N.Y.

Wolff: Honestly, I’m not sure Murdoch could find the HuffPo or Drudge.

Q. Why hasn’t Murdoch launched or acquired a news aggregation site like Huffington Post, Drudge Report or Newser? Don Robinson, New York, N.Y.

Wolff: He doesn’t believe in Web news, doesn’t understand Web news, couldn’t care less about Web news.

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