Piper Jaffray Estimates 2-2.5 Million iPhone 4Ss Sold For Opening Weekend

Apple will sell 2-2.5 million iPhones this weekend, estimates Pipe Jaffray analyst Gene Munster.

That’s a nice increase from last year when Apple did 1.7 million units during the opening weekend, but it’s much more conservative then the 4 million unit estimate we saw from the Yankee Group.

Munster said lines for the iPhone 4S at the Apple store on 5th avenue in Manhattan were much smaller this year. (Just 460 versus 1,300 last year). Other stores Piper looked at also has shorter lines.

Piper also did a small survey of iPhone 4S buyers. Below are the full results.

Two things of note in here: The majority of buyers are on AT&T. And just less than half are buying the cheapest model.


Photo: Piper Jaffray

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