MUNSTER: Apple Has To Do Something In The Next Two Months ... (Right?)

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Apple axe Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray has a slightly humorous note out this morning.He notes that Apple typically has a new product announcement every four months. The longest it has gone without a product announcement lately is seven months.

Since Apple’s last announcement was October 23, Munster figures Apple is due for something in March or April. He doesn’t have any inside line on what it might be, or if it would actually happen, he just thinks Apple is due.

Munster isn’t alone in thinking this. Just the other day, Peter Misek at Jefferies speculated that Apple was going to have some sort of Apple TV event next month. That speculation was knocked down by Jim Dalrymple, who is in good with Apple.

It’s possible Apple announces something in April or March, but we’re not counting on it. It seems like Apple refreshed all its products at the end of the year and has nothing lined up until the summer at least.

If Apple had something up its sleeve, like a Retina iPad Mini, or a revamped iPad, there would probably be more leaks from the supply chain.

The only leaks were hearing about right now involve a computer-like wristwatch. All reports on an iWatch suggest it’s not coming for a long time, if ever.

So, while Munster is right to speculate something should to happen, the rumour mill actually suggests we’re going to be waiting a while to hear from Apple.

That’s not going to do much to get its sagging stock back in motion.

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