India’s Richest Man Spent Over $1 Million On Tickets To The Cricket World Cup Final

Mukesh Ambani 1

India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani has shelled out $1.12 million dollars for tickets to the ICC World Cup Final between India and Sri Lanka tomorrow, according to the Mumbai Mirror.

The seats located above the pavilion offer some of the best views in the house.

Ambani has reportedly bought up three corporate boxes with about 15-16 seats each, essentially paying about $22,500 for each of his guests.

Ambani’s corporate boxes are decked with A/Cs to combat temperatures that are expected to hit 90F during the day. The boxes will be fitted with LCD screens and servers will be at hand bringing them refreshments through the match. The amount however is probably pocket change to Ambani who has a net worth of $27 billion and spent $1 billion on his home in Mumbai last year.

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Mumbai’s Wankhede stadium, with a seating capacity of 33,000, is one of the smaller cricket stadiums in the country. It was reported that only 4,000 of those seats were made available to the public. After India beat rival Pakistan on Wednesday, prices of seats went through the roof on the black market.

Tickets for the side stands which offer some of the worst views, were originally priced at $280 and are selling at about $1,350, which is about a 380% mark up, according to The Economic Times. With odds favouring India 8-13, premium tickets are going as high as $10,000 according to Bloomberg.

India’s Taj President hotel had originally designed World Cup packages worth about $1,012 which included a buffet breakfast, transfer to the stadium, and a $225 seat with meals. The price of those packages has gone up to $3,375.

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