Five Quick YouTube Videos Of Muhammad Ali Being Awesome In honour Of His 70th Birthday

Muhammad Ali turns 70 today. To celebrate, we pulled five YouTube videos of Ali in his heyday that will remind you of why he’s the most entertaining athlete sports has ever seen.

1. “I’m so mean I make medicine sick.” An amazing poem before The Rumble In The Jungle:

2. A recipe for life (starts five seconds in):

3. “Never again say I’ll be defeated. Never again make me the underdog until I’m about 50 years old.”After the Rumble In The Jungle (skip to the 40-seconds mark for when it really gets going):

 4. “I will do to Buster what the Indians did to Custer, I’m gonna wipe him out.” Before the Buster Mathis fight (good stuff starts 20 seconds in):

 5. “Jones like to mix, but he must fall in six.” A nervous, young Ali on the Ed Sullivan Show on 1963: