REPORT: Zimbabwe Leader Robert Mugabe Is 'Battling For His Life' In Singapore


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

He’s been the sometimes brutal leader of Zimbabwe since it’s independence from Great Britain in 1980, but rumours are circulating that Robert Mugabe’s time in power could be coming to a close.This weekend the Zimbabwe Times reported that Mugabe was “battling for his life in Singapore” according to a senior Zanu PF source. Cabinet meetings in the African nation were said to be cancelled while he received medical treatment.

Officially Mugabe is in Singapore to help his daughter sign up for college there, but the Zimbabwe Standard points out that he has been gone for a week at a time unusual for college sign-ups. He is also said to favour South East Asia for medical treatment.

Last year WikiLeaks released a 2008 US diplomatic cable that suggested Mugabe might be dying of prostate cancer. The cable wrote Mugabe would die in between two and five years from the time of writing.

A new report today suggests that the 88-year-old leader is returning from Singapore on Wednesday, and Zanu PF now claims he was just enjoying an Easter vacation.

Intriguingly, the Tehran Times has reported that the Zimbabwean strongman has reached a “gentleman’s agreement” to hand over power to his defence minister, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

While an end to Mugabe-rule might seem like a good thing, it should be considered that Mnangagwa gained notoriety for his brutal methods while spy chief — his nickname is “the Crocodile” within the country.

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