In Desperate Plea For Freedom, Mubarak Will apologise, And Turn Over A Bunch Of Cash

Hosni Mubarak

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After being overthrown three months ago, former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak will apologise and ask for amnesty, from the country he ruled for almost 30 years.Mubarak is said to be drafting a letter to broadcast on Arabic and Egyptian channels apologizing for the offenses caused by he and his family. According to Al Arabiya:

He is also to apologise “for any behaviour which may have stemmed from false information passed on to him by his advisers.”

There is speculation this announcement will pave the way for the exiled leader to finger former associates already under investigation and provide Egyptians military rulers a way out of prosecuting their former leader. While unlikely Mubarak would be sentenced to death, or even imprisoned, Egypt is eager to move past these issues without turning world opinion against them.

The former president and his wife are under house arrest in a hospital in the Red Sea resort Sharm al-Sheikh after suffering heart attacks while under interrogation.

In his bid for amnesty from the the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Mubarak will be following his wife’s lead and handing over his assets as well.

On Monday, Suzanne Mubarak pledged to hand over to the state money in two bank accounts and a luxury villa in Cairo. (An earlier report said that Mrs. Mubarak told prosecutors that she would hand over $3 million.).