HUGE: Hosni Mubarak Is About To Deliver An "Important Speech"

Hosni Mubarak speech

Update 3: The NYT reports that Obama has personally urged Mubarak to step down.

Update 2: Apparently his term ends in September. We have a hard time imagining this going over well.

Update: Al-Arabiya is reporting that he will not run for re-relection. Whether this satisfies protesters is unclear.

Original post: Embattled Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak will address the throng of protesters at some point today, according to Reuters.

The news agency also says that his newly-appointed VP has begun discussions with other parties, although previously the other parties had said they had no interest in such discussions… at least not until Mubarak left.

Earlier today there had been rumours that Mubarak would resign, though none from any source claiming real credibility.

For background on what the heck is going on Egypt, see here >

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