MUBARAK SPEAKS: He's Holding Onto Power For The Next Seven Months


In a long awaited speech, Hosni Mubarak announced he would not run in Egypt’s next election. But that means he wants to stay in power until next September.

We’ll see how the protesters take the compromise.

Mubarak said he supports free expression of the people, while condemning the riots that have grown violent. “The most frightening thing is the fear that has been shaking all of Egyptians.”

He talked about forming a new government with new people that responds to the needs of the people. For this purpose he has appointed a vice president.

He said he never sought illegal power in his long regime, and the people know this.

“I say in clear words that I intend to work in the remaining months of my presidency in order to have measurements taken for a peaceful transition of power.”

Then he talked about programs to create jobs and accomplish social justice. He trusts the police to continue to serve the nation and protect the citizens in a fair and just way. “I also ask judicial entities to take the necessary steps to continue to prosecute corrupted officials and to investigate the recent investigation of looting and terrorizing innocent citizens.”

“I will end my life in politics in a way that pleases my citizens. Egypt will come out stronger than it was before. More confident, more coherent, and more stable. “

“May Allah protect the homeland and may peace be upon you” was his closing line.

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