WHERE ARE THEY NOW: The Troubled Lives Of MTV's Pregnant Teen Stars

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As MTV prepares to begin filming yet another docu-series based on the lives of too-young cast-members make big-time life decisions, we decided to take a look back at some of the most memorable faces from the network’s moneymaking real-life teen dramas: 16 and Pregnant, Teen mum, and Teen mum 2.Gracing the covers of countless celebrity weeklies and gathering a fan following, the casts of these MTV hits have been accused by many parents of making teen pregnancies desirable.

Life, once the cameras stop filming however, seem is less than a teen dream: arrests, rehab, and divorce are just some of the issues these cast members have encountered.

So, just where are these MTV-made stars now?

Jordan Ward: another baby on the way

This week, Jordan Ward who appeared in the latest season of 16 and Pregnant, confirmed that she was pregnant again. Ward took to her Facebook fan page to let naysayers know, 'Yes I'm pregnant again. I really do not care if you think it's wrong. I am married, we pay for everything, we aren't living off of family or anything...'

Maci Bookout: living the life of a reality star

Maci Bookout took the route of many reality TV stars in search of turning that 15 minutes into more...hanging out with other reality stars and plastic surgery. After being photographed on a night out with Jersey Shore's Deena Nicole and Sammi 'Sweetheart,' and was rumoured to have gone under the knife for breast implants.

Jenelle Evans: fights, drugs, rehab

After being arrested once for breaking into a home with then boyfriend and possession of drug paraphernalia, Jenelle Evans was taken into police custody again after video of her fighting another girl was released on the internet. Evans is said to currently be in rehab.

Amber Portwood: legal troubles

Another Teen mum star who has been plagued with legal issues is Amber Portwood. After footage of her physically attacking her ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley right next to her daughter Leah aired on the show, Portwood faced changes of domestic battery and neglect. It doesn't end there.

Nude photos were leaked of Portwood this past February. It still doesn't end there.

Most recently, Portwood lost primary custody of her daughter.

Speaking of Gary Shirley...

The MTV dad has also been unable to steer clear of legal woes...recently arrested for driving with a suspended licence, Shirley was spotted by police while arguing with Amber Portwood. Of course.

Jennifer Del Rio: it gets physical..again

After an explosive episode of 16 and Pregnant that aired during the show's most recent season, police were called in (again) after Jennifer Del Rio reportedly attacked the father of her twins when 'he tried to break things off with her.'

During her episode, Del Rio and her then boyfriend were involved in another physical altercation when he attempted to drive off with their kids, leaving Del Rio alone on the side of the road.

Farrah Abraham: motorcycle modelling

While on the show, Teen mum Farrah Abraham exhibited aspirations to becoming a chef...but it was her modelling on the pages of 2011 Mastering the Art of the American Motorcycle Calendar that caught the attention of the show's fans.

Jo Rivera: an arrest and a rap video

Following an arrest earlier this year for pot possession, Teen mum 2 dad Jo Rivera released a new 'rap' video.

Leah Messer: the Teen mum continues to make for good reality TV

One of the series' breakout stars is Leah Messer. After her wedding to Corey Simms made the Teen mum 2 season finale a fan-favourite, playing out in the pages of celebrity weeklies like the over-the-top weddings of Hollywood starlets, her reported, and equally headline-grabbing, marriage problems (and possible divorce) will be sure to turn up ratings for the third season of Teen mum.

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