Conan O’Brien’s Elaborate MTV Movie Awards’ Opening Took 3 Weeks To Make

Taylor swift conan obrien

While the “Mad Men” season 7 premiere and “Game of Thrones” aired, MTV also aired its annual Movie Awards.

Host Conan O’Brien opened the show with a pre-recorded segment where he met with MTV brass to figure out an opening gag that would work for today’s youth.

“Who cares about funny? Kids don’t laugh anymore,” said O’Brien. “They see celebrities and they go ‘Woo.'”

Just like that, the late-night host attempted to get 50 celebrity cameos on screen.

From Martin Scorsese and Russell Crowe to Taylor Swift and Kaley Cuoco, see who Conan tracked down.

According to Entertainment Weekly, it took director Troy Miller three weeks to film and edit all of the scenes around O’Brien’s late-night schedule.

Each celebrity cameo — there are 49 (50 including Conan) — took an estimated 5-8 minutes to film.

Here’s the full list of celebrity cameos:

1. Andy Samberg
2. Seth Rogen
3. Sarah Silverman
4. Ice Cube
5. Elijah Wood
6. Chris Pratt
7. Jessica Alba
8. Ashton Kutcher
9. Anna Faris
10. Danny McBride
11. Ed Helms
12. Jason Bateman
13. Lupita Nyong’o
14. Adam Sandler
15. Russell Crowe
16. Jennifer Connelly
17. Emma Watson
18. Anthony Hopkins
19. Logan Lerman
20. Shaun White
21. Rosario Dawson
22. Willie Nelson
23. Blake Griffin
24. Taylor Swift
25. Martin Scorsese
26. James Franco
27. Paul Rudd
28. Aziz Ansari
29. Grumpy Cat
30. Carrie Brownstein
31. Fred Armisen
32. Skrillex
33. Demi Moore
34. Banksy (a.k.a. Tracy Morgan)
35. Tom Arnold
36. Simon Helberg
37. Melissa Rauch
38. Mayim Bialik
39. Johnny Galecki
40. Jim Parsons
41. Kunal Nayyar
42. Kaley Cuoco
43. Mindy Kalin
44. Adam Scott
45. Ellen Page
46. Charles Barkley
47. “Jack Nicholson’s” middle finger
48. Katy Perry
49. Jack White
50. Conan O’Brien