MTV brought back a VMA award that hasn't been given out in 25 years for Beyoncé

Beyonce LemonadeHBOBeyoncé is gonna win this thing.

When Beyoncé doesn’t win awards at the Video Music Awards, it’s usually the source of drama. But during the 2016 VMAs, there’s one award she’s almost guaranteed to win — especially since MTV hasn’t given this award out for 25 years. 

As Uproxx’s Banksy Gonzales points out, Sunday’s VMAs are the first show since 1991 where MTV is handing out the award for Best Long Form Video. During the early ’90s ceremony, Madonna bested Aerosmith, Peter Gabriel, and R.E.M. when she took home the Moonman for “The Immaculate Collection.”

It was the only year that the network awarded the Best Long Form Video trophy … until now. 

It’s been rechristened Breakthrough Long Form Video, though it’s essentially the same award. Why did it disappear for a quarter-century?

The executive producer of the VMAs, Jesse Ignjatovic, told MTV News that they have been “working for years” on bringing the award back.

MTV, he says, “is always trying to stay on the cusp and reflect culture and what artists are doing.”

OK, but let’s be honest — it’s because of Beyoncé. 

Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” is the clear frontrunner. The landmark release is going up against the long form videos for Justin Bieber’s “PURPOSE: The Movement,” Troye Sivan’s “Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy,” Florence + The Machine’s “The Odyssey,” and Chris Brown’s “Royalty.”

None of those videos stands a chance against Beyoncé, and I’ll eat my hat if I’m wrong. The award was brought back to honour Queen Bey, and rightfully so. “Lemonade” was a triumph. 

Will another 25 years go by before MTV gives out another Moonman for Best Long Form Video/Breakthrough Long Form Video? Perhaps. But full-length music videos are becoming more and more common, and artists and directors are raising the bar. It would be nice to see the VMAs continue to award them for their efforts — even if Bey isn’t one of the nominees next time. 

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