MTV and AP: Happiness is God and a Cell Phone


Viacom’s MTV (VIAB) and the Associated Press are releasing a detailed study of 13-24 year olds. Some findings:

  • Kids like their parents!  Almost half consider one parent or another a “hero.” Unfortunately, only 46% are made most happy by spending time with friends, family, and loved ones.
  • Kids are reasonably happy and optimistic, especially white kids.  72% of white kids say they are happy, versus 56% of black kids and 51% of Hispanics.  62% of all kids expect to be happier in the future than they are now.
  • Kids are religious and spiritual: 44% say religion, etc., very important, 10% say most important.  Spiritual/religious kids are happier than cynical atheist kids.
  • 70% of kids want to be rich and 50% think they will be (oh, the dream years).
  • Two-thirds of kids think say the Internet and other technologies make them happier.  Most would be more stressed without cell phones.  Nearly half never turn them off.

A question for the surveyors: does watching MTV or reading the news make it more likely that you’ll be happy and rich?