This App Scans Your Proportions And Mails You A Custom-Fitted Shirt

There’s nothing quite like a custom shirt that’s been tailored to your exact measurements, but they usually come with a hefty price tag.

A new app called MTailor plans to change that, however, by outsourcing the measurements to your smartphone’s camera.

Here’s how it works.

Shirts start at $US69, but that’s still cheaper than other custom shirts out there, which can cost $US100 and up. Also, shipping is free.

First, you choose the type of fabric you’d like in your fitted shirt. There’s plenty of options, with premium fabrics including wrinkle-free options. You can also choose the style of cuff and collar you’d like.

Next, you use your phone’s camera to record your measurements, which the app guides you through. Basically, you need to wear clothing that is as skin-tight as possible, and then you’re asked to slowly rotate so your proportions are recorded.

MTailor claims that using a camera to record your body measurements is a process can be completed in less than five minutes and that it’s “scientifically proven to measure you 20% more accurately than a professional tailor.”

Once the app has your measurements and shirt choice, the MTailor team gets to work, creating your shirt from scratch and sending you email updates along the way.

BuzzFeed’s Matthew Lynley tried out MTailor and was so pleased with the fit that he’s since ordered two more.

The shirts are very comfortable. The fabric, which feels a little bit thinner than a normal shirt like a Ralph Lauren-branded shirt, still seems to hold up very well and feel very good. The cut fits neatly around your chest and waist without feeling too tight. The collar, too, feels just the right size, and the sleeves feel like they are fit to the contours of your muscles. They are also easily roll up and fit around sweaters without feeling baggy or loose, which is a problem with some shirts.

To give MTailor a try, you can download the app for iPhone over at the App Store.

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