WATCH: New York Subway Conductor Appears To Be Napping On The Job

If you think you’re safe on New York’s subway trains, recent conductor behaviour may make you reconsider.

According to an WNBC News 4 New York report, a passenger recorded the conductor of an Uptown-1 train “resting his head” while the train was in motion late last Friday night. The conductor was only responsible for operating the doors at stops.

If that’s not alarming enough, another passenger recorded a train engineer reading a newspaper while actually driving a Metro-North train during rush hour last week, according to WNBC.

To make matters worse, other conductors are now reportedly covering up their windows so passengers can’t see inside their cabs. While the Metropolitan Transit Authority allows conductors to cover their windows, these two videotapes make it glaringly obvious that riders may be boarding with a false sense of security.

The MTA is investigating both incidents.

Watch WNBC’s report (including footage of the conductors) below.

 Click here to see the confessions of an MTA conductor >

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