MTA Can’t Handle Rain, Web Traffic

It rained again last night, so naturally we’re wondering if we’ll be able to get from Brooklyn to the Alley via subway. And indeed, the MTA’s website informs us that we should expect delays on our trusty “F” line  this morning.


But this scenario — timely information, available via Web updates — is a rare one, as the New York Times points out — and as anyone looking for updates after Wednesday morning’s rain is well aware. The MTA’s website barely worked, and the system isn’t really geared toward providing up to date information anyway (how about email updates, like New Jersey’s PATH riders get? “Still thinking it through,” an MTA official says.) From the Times:

Here, then, is how word of major disruptions goes out for many riders: Employees stationed near train dispatchers make a telephone recording of the disruptions. The recording goes out to station agents, who are supposed to write down the information on white dry-erase boards in each booth using ink markers.

“We keep an ample supply on hand,” Termain Garden, a transit official, said of the markers.

Personally, we’d settle for an up-to-date Web page.