mSpot, Our favourite Music Streaming App For Android, Now Does personalised Radio Stations

mspot iphone app

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mSpot is one of our favourite ways to stream music from the cloud, especially because of its great Android app, and now it’s getting better.As of today, you can also listen to curated radio stations, similar to the way you can on Pandora or, but based on your actual music collection.

mSpot scans the music you’ve uploaded, then recommends real radio stations based on what’s in your library. You can listen to any of the radio stations for free on your computer, or from your Android phone. iOS support is coming soon.

The new feature, called Radio Spotter Beta, can be activated by tapping a button while you’re listening to any song. Radio Spotter pops up a list of radio stations related to the song you’re listening to.

With mSpot, you can upload all of your music to the cloud and listen to it anywhere (in an interface that’s better than Amazon Cloud Player). You can even cache your music on your phone, just like Amazon Cloud Player and Google Music Beta.

You can grab the free mSpot Android app here from the Android Market.

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