MSNBC Failed Miserably When Trying To Place Syracuse And Buffalo On A Map

MSNBC’s map visualisation of President Barack Obama’s stops on a planned bus tour next week went horribly wrong, when the network placed Syracuse and Buffalo in the eastern part of New York.

Obama will reportedly make stops in the areas of Scranton, Binghamton, Buffalo, and Syracuse next week, during a middle-class themed bus tour in which he will talk up his “Better Bargain” plans for the economy.

In discussing these plans, host Martin Bashir cut to a graphic that plotted the four cities on a map. Just about all four of those points were wrong:

For reference, here’s an actual map of New York:

Bashir acknowledged the error on Twitter, saying it was an honest mistake:

The Syracuse athletics department promotes the program as New York City’s “college team” — so, maybe that’s the source of the confusion there.

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