MSNBC Still Refuses to Take Responsibility For Error


As we reported last week, an MSNBC reporter mistakenly presented a quote from News Groper’s “Al Sharpton’s Blog” as a quote from the man himself.  Mortifying, but forgivable.  Worse, however, when the organisation discovered its mistake, it refused to own up to it, instead saying that it had “determined that the blog was a hoax”–as though it, too, had been duped and that the discovery just reflected more hard work by its tireless investigative reporters. 

Well, now even MSNBC’s mainstream media brethren are having some fun at its stubborn expense, with the Post weighing in with a lengthy report–one that quotes the Brooklyn-based News Groper’s Greg Galant extensively.  (Galant’s no fool.  When someone sends you a promotional gift-basket this big, the least you can do is use it.)

What do we want from MSNBC?  Certainly not a 10,000-word self-flagellating, self-important manifesto like the one the New York Times published after the Jayson Blair episode.  Just a quick acknowledgment and apology.  Like this:

“This story originally contained a quote taken from a web site that we mistook for Al Sharpton’s personal blog but was in fact a parody web site that Sharpton has no affiliation with.  We regret the error.”

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