MSNBC New Ratings Strategy: Fighting Anchors

It’s convention season, which means TV networks have a chance to turn the 4-day party infomercials into ad dollars. But competition is fierce. While anchors at Fox and CNN have tried to win viewers with affable banter, MSNBC is betting on unveiled contempt. And on Monday night it worked!

Anchors Chris Mathews, Keith Olbermann, and Joe Scarborough frequently exchange pointed barbs with each other. At one point Joe Scarborough looked as though he might physically assault David Shuster.

MSNBC usually trails Fox and CNN in 25-54 year old viewers. But the sniping may actually be changing that. According to, MSNBC’s convention coverage vaulted the network into 2nd place during prime time on Monday, ahead of Fox.

Excerpts below:

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