MSNBC Host Wants To Know Why Tucker Carlson Didn't Call For Sarah Palin's Execution For Killing A Caribou

cenk palin

August is famous for being the silly season in the news cycle.  This holiday week is quickly becoming the stupidest.

Following Tucker Carlson‘s inane comment yesterday that he personally felt Michael Vick should have been executed for his appalling treatment of dogs, MSNBC Cenk Uygur did him one stupid better last night suggesting the Sarah Palin should have faced similar punishment for killing a caribou

Uygur apparently concluded that hunting a caribou on the Tundra is the equivalent of long-term torture of dogs. It is not.

More likely he is simply caught up in the hyperbole-off that makes up much of cable news.  But still, what an idiotic thing to say.  Does it follow then that every person in the country who hunts should be executed? 

Cable news lately appears to be turning into some alternate version of the Running Man where hosts verbally chase public figures down while describing various forms of assassination.

It’s enough to make you wish the holidays were over and the news could get back to arguing over whether President Obama is over-exposed (shirtless or otherwise).  Video below.


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