An Insider’s Tip For Landing A Job With Michael Dell’s $10 Billion Hedge Fund

michael susan dell
Susan and Michael Dell.

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Last Thursday evening we ventured to watch Youth I.N.C’s Private Equity vs. Hedge Fund All-star basketball game at NYU.For the second year in a row, the Hedge Fund Team won the all-star game trophy, beating their PE combatants by 2 points.

After the game we spoke to Rob Platek, a partner at the family office hedge fund of Michael Dell, MSD Capital.

We asked who the star of the Hedge Fund team was, and in his response came a great tip for scoring a gig with the $10 billion family office. Or more, what to avoid if you want to land a job there.

Platek told us in financial markets, as in basketball, it’s a team sport. And you’re only as good as you’re weakest link. He said MSD is such a believer in that philosophy, that that’s an immediate red-light if an applicant came in and used “I” throughout his interview.

We’re looking for the type of person who says “we,” Platek said. “If you’re applying to MSD,” he said, “say we!”

PE vs. Hedge Fund at NYU.

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As for the rest of the tournament,  MSD Capital and the Institute for Collaborative Education High School went head to head with Morgan Stanley and the Landmark High School in the final game: MSD Capital won.

The tournament raised over $554,000 for Youth I.N.C, an organisation that forms long-term relationships with with a variety of nonprofits to “offer training, mentoring, and support to build more effective and sustainable organisations.”