Hungarian Far Right Politician Demands A List Of Jewish MPs

Márton Gyöngyösi Hungary Jews

Márton Gyöngyösi, the deputy group leader of the Jobbik, a far right group in Hungary, made headlines around the world today when he asked for a list of Jews in government and parliament.

“It is high time to assess many MPs and government members are of Jewish origin and who present a national security risk to Hungary,” Gyöngyösi said on Monday, according to, before adding that Hungary’s Foreign Ministry had “rushed to make an oath of allegiance to Israel.”

This morning the comments were brought to international attention by the JTA, while the Hungarian Prime Minister released a statement condemning the comment. The AP reports that MPs, Jewish or otherwise, wore yellow stars today as hundreds of protesters rallied in Budapest.

Jobbick is currently the second largest opposition party in the Hungarian parliament, and has built much of its support on anti-Jewish and anti-Roma rhetoric. However, the party fails to have much legislative power due to the government’s majority.

Gyöngyösi apologized today, saying that his comment was only directed at dual Israeli-Hungarian citizens. However, he has some form on the subject, having lashed out at investigations into Nazi war crimes in Hungary.

Jobbik party members have something of a checkered recent history. Earlier this year one key party member, Csanad Szegedi, resigned after he discovered he was Jewish, and at least 3 members of the party have been forced to resign after admitting their past careers in pornography.

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