Actor and former wrestler Mr. T has been tweeting motivational messages to athletes throughout the Olympics -- and he thinks 'curling is cool, fool'

Getty ImagesAmerican actor Mr. T has wrestled, boxed, and studied martial arts… but the 2018 Winter Olympics has converted him to curling.
  • Mr. T has been tweeting about the 2018 Winter Olympics – and his enthusiasm for curling is fantastic.
  • The American actor has “wrestled, boxed, and studied martial arts” but is drawn to the finesse of curling.
  • He tweeted: “Curling is cool, fool.”

Curling has won over new fans at the 2018 Winter Olympics – and one of them is American actor Mr. T.

Curling is a “calmly paced” but strategic sport that requires “skill” and is full of drama.

In curling, two teams compete against each other over ten “ends” (or innings). During each end, eight stones are thrown. Ahead of each stone, a teammate sweeps in front to smooth the path, which manipulates speed and curl. The goal is to get closer to the “button,” or target, than your opponent.

It is the perfect game to “casually enjoy” – and that is not lost on former wrestler, footballer, and Rocky III actor Mr. T, who has actively tweeted about the sport.

“I am really pumped watching the Winter Olympics,” he said last week. “I am watching events I never thought I would watch before, like curling. You heard me, curling fool!”

He added: “Curling is kind of different, but it’s exciting. It’s not as easy as it looks. It takes some skills that’s for sure. I like it!”

Mr. T sees it as a sport that requires a different kind of strength than the ones he competed in.

The 65-year-old may have shot to fame as B.A Baracus in hit 1980s television series “The A-Team,” but he maintained his star appeal when he entered the world of professional wrestling. He partnered up with Hulk Hogan at the first ever WrestleMania show promoted by leading wrestling outfit, the World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment), in 1985.

Pro wrestlers require all-around body strength, and Mr. T clearly admires the more graceful kind of strength on display in curling.

He added: “I like curling, it’s less wear and tear on the body. I wrestled, boxed, and studied martial arts. I have nothing else to prove. Therefore I choose curling. Curling is cool, fool.”

It’s not the only sport Mr. T is supporting, however.

He’s been posting motivational messages to athletes throughout the Olympics, including a congratulations message to figure skater Adam Rippon…

…And a very impressed reaction to Red Gerard’s gold-medalling winning snowboard run.

Curling is on every day throughout the 2018 Winter Olympics, building towards the men’s gold medal game at the Gangneung Curling Centre on Saturday, February 24, and the women’s gold medal game the following day.

It is likely that Mr. T will be watching.

Curling at the 2018 Winter OlympicsGetty ImagesCurling at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Gangneung, South Korea.

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