Mr. Karmazin Goes to Washington

Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin is in D.C. this week, saying everything the regulators want to hear.  If the merger between XM and Sirius is approved, Karmazin vowed at the National Press Club yesterday, the company will offer new pricing plans to allow consumers to pay only for the stations they want.

Per the Washington Post: The proposed plans would start at $6.99 for 50 stations, or nearly half the current rate of $12.95 for about 150 stations. For $14.99, consumers could pick their 100 favourite stations. Both would allow customers to add channels for 25 cents each. Six other packages would also be available, including a family-friendly lineup for $11.95, and News, Sports and Talk for $9.99.

Of course, the combined company’s 14 million satellite-radio subscribers would all need to order and install new radios to take advantage of the new plans, and these won’t be available for up to a year after the merger (And can we safely assume that they will cost an arm and a leg?).

To secure a monopoly on satellite radio by combining the two companies, Karmazin and Sirius need approval of both the Justice Department and the FCC.   Kim Hart, WaPo


Just tell me what you want to hear.

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