Nobody can agree on whether Antonio Brown's new nickname is 'Mr Big Chest' or 'Mr Big Checks' and his video isn't helping

Instagram/Antonio BrownAntonio Brown wants a new nickname, but what is he saying?
  • Antonio Brown took his trade demands to a new level with a lengthy video on Instagram.
  • While Brown spends a considerable amount of time asking teams to call him, there is one part near the end that fans have fixated on the most.
  • Brown says he no longer wants to be called “AB,” and offers a new nickname for himself, but nobody can seem to agree if it is “Mr. Big Chest” or “Mr. Big Checks.”
  • The video isn’t helping.

Antonio Brown upped his emphatic and public divorce from the Pittsburgh Steelers with a lengthy Instagram Live video on Tuesday. However, beyond the headlines, there was a small part at the end of the video that amused many of the people who watched it – Brown gave himself a new nickname.

There was just one problem. Nobody can seem to agree on whether the new nickname is “Mr. Big Chest” or “Mr. Big Checks.”

Listen for yourself:

Adam Schefter of ESPN initially broke the news of the video and noted at the end that Brown now wants to be called “Mr. Big Chest.” Initially, that is what most people heard.

But about 24 hours later, some, including ESPN’s “Golic & Wingo,” suggested that Brown might actually be calling himself “Mr. Big Checks” or “Mr. Big Check.”

On Twitter, most seem to hear, “Chest,” including one of last year’s March Madness Cinderellas, UMBC.

Other media outlets also clung to the “Mr. Big Chest” nickname and made appropriate jokes.

The San Francisco 49ers are an oft-rumoured destination for Brown, but at least one fan was turned off by the new nickname.

But others disagreed, believing the nickname is “Big Checks.”

Others pleaded with Brown directly to clarify the pressing issue.

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In hindsight, “Big Check” or “Big Checks” makes more sense, considering the context and the demand for a new contract with a new team. Unfortunately, the workout video wasn’t helping and the normally media-shy Brown hasn’t spoken up yet to clarify.

In the meantime, we’ll have to keep debating it.

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