MPs are going to move out of the Houses of Parliament for a massive £3.5 billion restoration project

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MPs are going to move out of the Houses of Parliament in the coming years for a major £3.5 billion restoration project.

On Wednesday evening, MPs voted in favour of an amendment that will have Parliament relocated from the Palace of Westminster building in central London for years while it is renovated.

The proposal was tabled by Commons Leader Meg Miller, The Guardian reported, and passed by 236 votes to 220.

There are growing concerns about the safety of the building, which now has fire patrols day and night. “Firstly, the lack of fire compartmentation increases the risk of fire, meaning that 24-hour fire patrols are necessary in order to keep us safe,” Andrea Leadsom MP said, per The Mirror. “Over the last 10 years, 60 incidents have had the potential to cause a serious fire.”

MPs will move out in 2025, according to The Guardian, and the renovation is expected to cost more than £3.5 billion and last six years.

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