MPs Star In The Best Music Video You'll See This Year - Which One Said No?

So this has happened.

Yes, they really are singing Round and Round by Canberra/Melbourne trio Super Best Friends.

And no, it wasn’t hard at all to get them on board.

“We managed it by asking them if they’d do it,” Super Best Friends told Business Insider this morning. So, simple as that.

While the whole extraordinary package is now clearly the highlight of politics in the past fortnight, even though we’re in a moment-a-day campaign. There are at least half-a-dozen meme-worthy moments in the clip alone.

Kevin Rudd’s evil paper face. Sarah Hanson-Young. Rob Oakeshott ironing his daks. Xenophon the axeman.

Sarah Hanson-Young.

There are appearances from Tony Abbott, Barnaby Joyce, and boy wonder MP Wyatt Roy. It also features cameos from senior journalists including Chris Uhlmann, Kieran Gilbert, Paul Bongiorno and Mark Riley.

It debuted on iTunes at 7pm last night, was posted by Gruen Planet on their Facebook page and made Ten Late News by 10pm. Today, the internet.

So the big question is – who didn’t come to the party? What po-faced, stuffy old miser didn’t want to grab a chance to strut some air guitar and throw an angry rock face at the hip young digital crowd?

Christopher Pyne, for one. Joe Hockey, yes. Julie Bishop, sadly.

Oh, and Peter Garrett.

Yes, you heard that right. Peter Garrett, ex-frontman of legendary angry Aussie enviro-rockers Midnight Oil, told Super Best Friends he had something better to do.

Peter Garrett, you’ve changed.

Support Super Best Friends by visiting their Facebook page and downloading Round and Round on iTunes.

It’s top of the charts already in Australia, because it’s also a pretty good track.

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