MPAA's Joan Graves: Steven Spielberg Should Make An NC-17 Movie

Time magazine has a big interview with MPAA CEO Dan Glickman and Ratings Administration chairman Joan Graves to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the American movie rating system. (Its birthday is tomorrow, and it would prefer it if you didn’t mention its age.) We suggest celebrating by viewing This Film is Not Yet Rated or controversial titles like the timely American Psycho, South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut, or the Kevin Smith Appeals Trio: Clerks, the highly-underrated Jersey Girl or Zack & Miri Make A Porno (in a theatre near you). Then discuss whether the system works or is, as some might say, completely and totally unfair and arbitrary.

Anyways, in the Q&A, which we were alerted to by Variety‘s Hollywood’s Aggregated Links (HAL) Web site, Kevin Smith pal Joan Graves says she’d love it if Steven Spielberg made an NC-17 film, because apparently it’s ok for Spielberg to make a dirty movie.

Here’s the full exchange between author, and former Entertainment Weekly writer, Gilbert Cruz and Graves:

I don’t really see Steven Spielberg going out and making an ‘NC-17’ epic anytime soon.

Graves: No, but wouldn’t it be great if someone like him did? It would really help the rating.

“Help the rating!” How? There’s no way Universal or Paramount would let Spielberg release an NC-17, we think. They certainly wouldn’t be happy about the rating, which would mean the respective movie would generate a heap of controversy probably ultimately resulting in an appeal in which Spielberg would kind of have to win. Because if he didn’t, Spielberg fans would lash out at the MPAA, which probably wouldn’t help the rating or the agency’s reputation.


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