The creator of Firefox is making a voice-controlled browser that will read the entire internet to you out loud

  • Mozilla, the creator of the popular Firefox web browser, is in the early stages of creating a brand-new browser controlled entirely by voice.
  • The project, which will named Scout, would allow users browse the internet with voice commands and have it read to you – like “Hey Scout, read me the article about polar bears.”
  • Mozilla calls Scout an “early stage project.”

Mozilla, the creator of Firefox, is working on a browser controlled entirely with your voice, CNET reported Wednesday.

The project, which will be named Scout, would let users explore the web without using a touch screen, a mouse, or a keyboard. The non-profit imagines a sample command sounding something like, “Hey Scout, read me the article about polar bears,” CNET reported.

Scout was revealed for the first time to employees during an all-hands meeting on Wednesday, but additional details about how the browser would work are scarce. A Mozilla spokesperson told Business Insider that Scout was an “early stage project.”

“We look forward to discussing these efforts publicly when they are further developed,” the spokesperson added.

While Amazon, Google, and Apple are pushing forward with voice assistants, including Amazon’s popular Alexa, Mozilla would be the first to start seriously developing a voice-based web browser. It’s another sign of how voice is going to be one of the major ways you interact with computers in the not-so-distant future.

You can read the full CNET story here.

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