The Company That Brought You Firefox Is Working On A New Browser For The iPad

Firefox is finally coming to the iPad, sort of.

Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, is working on a new browser for Apple’s iPad called Junior that is intended to take on existing iOS browsers, most notably Safari.

“Look at Safari on the iPad, it’s a pretty miserable experience, I think,” said Alex Limi, Mozilla’s Alex Limi in a presentation Thursday, via The Verge. “It’s still the best browsing experience on the tablet out there, but it’s still kind of sucky.”

Limi also admitted that at the moment, Mozilla has no real presence on the iPad, which he refers to as “one of the biggest consumer platforms in the world.”

Junior will be an attempt to change that. The new browser, which is still just a prototype for the moment, really emphasises simplicity. There’s no toolbar at the top of the page, and just two buttons tucked off the sides. This way, users get a full screen layout which is meant to give the browser more of a “magazine feel.”

Here’s the video of Mozilla’s full presentation demoing the new mobile browser:


UPDATE: A Mozilla spokesperson provided us with the following statement on the status of the project.

“Junior is an early-stage experimental project and is not confirmed for development by Mozilla or for a future version of Firefox. All projects and experiments at Mozilla are developed in the open to gather ideas and feedback.”

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