Everything You Need To Know About The New Firefox Phones Launching Later This Year

There’s yet another new mobile operating system coming out this year from Mozilla, the makers of the popular Web browser Firefox. 

Firefox OS will launch on smartphones later this year, which makes it the third major new mobile OS along with BlackBerry 10 and Ubuntu

Here’s what you need to know about Firefox OS:

  • Sprint has committed to carry Firefox OS phones. It’s the only U.S. carrier on board so far. Several international carrier have committed to carrier Firefox phones too.
  • Apps will be based on HTML5, which should make it easy for developers to distribute their product.
  • It’ll have an app store called the Firefox Marketplace.
  • The OS will have direct Facebook and Twitter integration, just like the iPhone.
  • A new searching tool will let you search content within apps along with basic stuff like contacts and emails.
  • Alcatel, LG, ZTE, and Huawei have committed to make phones running Firefox OS. Sony will make a Firefox phone in 2014.

Here are a few screenshots of the OS. We’ll have more for you later today:

firefox os for smartphones music player

Photo: Mozilla

firefox os for smartphones phone call

Photo: Mozilla

firefox os smartphone home screen

Photo: Firefox

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