Soccer team goes bonkers after scoring, gives up wide-open goal while celebrating

The under-17 team for Ferroviario Maputo of Mozambique gave up one of the most embarrassing goals you’ll see against K-Stars of Zambia.

The goal, which was first spotted by the Daily Mail, came in a youth tournament in South Africa.

Ferroviario took a 1-0 lead in the final minutes after an impressive free kick from Dos Santos Adriano.

It was an awesome goal:

The entire team, including the goalie, ran over to the opponents’ half of the field for a lengthy, excessive celebration.

They made their way over to the fans on the sideline, where they celebrated more, crossing the midfield line. 

Crossing the line is key here, as an opponent can’t kick off while the other team is on their half of the field. Once all 11 Ferroviario players were on their side of the field, their opponents were free to restart play.

K-Stars gathered the ball quickly at midfield, kicked off, and then booted it into Ferroviario’s goal from the center circle. The ball soared over the goalie’s head, as the rest of the team trotted back into position.

Ferroviario’s defenders all pointed fingers and shook their head as the K-Stars ran onto their side to celebrate.

The match finished a 1-1 tie.

Watch the full video below:

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