SPORTS CHART OF THE DAY: Moving To Big 10 Means Big Money For Maryland And Rutgers

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In 2010-11, the athletic department at Rutgers University generated $53.4 million in revenue. That was less than all 12 teams in the Big 10. At Maryland, the revenue was $57.8 million, smaller than all but two of the Big 10 schools.

In fact, if we were to rank all 39 schools in those conferences during the 2010-11 school year, eight of the top 10 largest revenues were in the Big 10. And the average revenue in the Big 10 ($87.5M) was $24.8 million more than the average in the ACC, and $45.2 million more than the average in the Big East.

And those numbers in the Big 10 will likely grow as the Big 10 network expands into new areas. So even if Rutgers and Maryland just become average schools in their new conference, moving to the Big 10 is going be a huge financial windfall (data via Business of College Sports)…

Conference Revenue