Movies turning 20 years old in 2017 that will make you feel really, really old

Time flies, as movie anniversaries remind us time and time again.

The 1990s are back, from street style to band reunions, but doesn’t it kind of feel like we were just living in them?

We put together a list of some classic and fan-favourite movies from 1997 that are turning 20 years old in 2017.

You’ll get a chance to fondly remember when young Leonardo DiCaprio was on the rise and Will Smith was the biggest star in the world.

Here are 13 movies turning 20 in 2017 that will make you feel old:

'Romy and Michele's High School Reunion'

Touchstone pictures

Released April 25, 1997.

'Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery'


Released May 2, 1997.

'The Fifth Element'


Released May 9, 1997.


Walt Disney Pictures / Walt Disney Feature Animation

Released June 13, 1997.

'Men in Black'

Columbia Pictures

Released July 2, 1997.

'My Best Friend's Wedding'


Released June 20, 1997.

'Good Burger'

Released July 25, 1997.

'I Know What You Did Last Summer'

Columbia Pictures

Released October 17, 1997.

'Good Will Hunting'


Released December 5, 1997.

'As Good As It Gets'

Google Images

Released December 6, 1997.

'Spice World'

Columbia Pictures

Released December 15, 1997.


20th Century Fox

Released December 19, 1997.

'Jackie Brown'


Released December 25, 1997.

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