Movies That Make Men Cry

Most men probably aren’t going to cry over a movie like Sex and the City, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have emotions. If you want to check the pulse of your brother, friend, or loved one, than pop in one of these movies and have some tissues handy. Here are seven movies that make men cry, well at least the sane ones.

Rocky – Rocky isn’t the kind of a movie that will get him to cry every time, but look out if you are seated next to a man watching Rocky for the first time. We all have a little Rocky in all of us and the close identity hits most men hard. Rocky (and Rocky 2) will make men cry.

Rudy – Rudy is truly a man’s movie. I have watched Rudy with some women who just don’t get it. Most of us never walked on to our school sport’s team or ever achieved the dream of breaking tackles to the screaming of thousands of fans.

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