Here Are The New Movies Netflix Will Be Adding In The New Year

Last week, a Reddit thread appeared revealing that Netflix would be purging more than 90 titles from their library at the start of 2014.

This particular list contained some excellent films and some that were less than stellar. Those titles will be vanishing from the service tonight at midnight.

Now, that same thread has a new post explaining that the company will be adding 25 new flicks to its streaming archive. While this may be a tiny figure compared to the options they’re eradicating from the service, some awesome movies are finally returning.

Most of the selection is comprised of cult favourites like “American Psycho.” Also, every kid who grew up in the nineties will be overjoyed to see “Good Burger” and “Spaceballs” return to Netflix. The rest of the movies are below.

Here’s the entire list:

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