MoviePass sent subscribers a bizarre apology email written from a dog’s point of view, and many found it insulting and unhelpful

This strange email was sent to MoviePass subscribers on Wednesday. Screenshot/MoviePass
  • MoviePass sent subscribers a bizarre email on Wednesday from its “Director of Barketing” saying it was listening to and learning from user concerns.
  • “I see these humans working like crazy to make MoviePass better and better for you as fast as possible,” the email said.
  • Users took to Twitter to express their displeasure with the email, with some saying it was insulting and questioning whether it was mocking customers.

Troubled movie-ticket subscription service MoviePass wants users to know that it is listening and learning from user concerns – or rather, its “Director of Barketing” wants you to know that.

MoviePass sent subscribers a strange email on Wednesday with a picture of a dog claiming to be “Chloe, the Director of Barketing at MoviePass.” The email, phrased as if “Chloe” wrote it, said: “I’d like to explain why from time to time you have had a ‘ruff’ experience with us but it turns out that I’m a dog and I can’t talk.”

“What I do is that I see these humans working like crazy to make MoviePass better and better for you as fast as possible,” the email continued. “They are so grateful for your membership and support while they work it out.”

It concludes with, “We’re listening. We’re learning. We’re changing.”

MoviePass subscribers have regularly expressed their displeasure with MoviePass’ customer service and its inability to address their “ruff” experiences, and getting an email from a fake dog isn’t likely to change that.

Users quickly took to Twitter to voice their opinions, with somecalling it insulting and unhelpful:^tfw

MoviePass has changed its rules and features several times this year in an attempt to sustain itself financially, to the annoyance of many users. In July, it announced that it would raise its monthly price from $US9.95 to $US14.95, but allow users to see a movie a day. It quickly rolled back those changes, and promised to keep the price at $US9.95 a month, but limited the number of movies a month to three.

It began transitioning all annual subscribers to this new monthly plan over the summer, and during the transition, it limited the movies that users could see (keeping some blockbusters off the app, for instance). Months later, that still hasn’t changed, and the available movies and showtimes on the service are still restricted and change on any given day.

But not everyone is upset with the service. According to a recent survey conducted by on-demand insights platform AlphaHQ for Business Insider, 56% of users who subscribed in the last six months said they were satisfied with MoviePass. Still, 18% said they planned to cancel.